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Is your student thinking about studying abroad? Here's a list of the most popular destinations for U.S. students.
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Studying Abroad

15 Jun Where in the World is Your Student Studying?

Depending on where your student goes to college they may have opportunities to study abroad in many different countries. It’s interesting to see the most common places that students have travelled in order to gain this experience. According to the most recent data from the Institute of International Education the top 10 countries from 2014-2015 are as follows:

10. Japan, 1.9%

9.  Australia, 2.8%

8.  Costa Rica, 3%

7.  Ireland, 3.3%

6.  Germany, 3.5%

5.  China, 4.1%

4.  France, 5.8%

3.  Spain, 9%

2.  Italy, 10.8%

1.  United Kingdom, 12.2%

As you can see, Europe is the favored area for U.S. students to study abroad, but there are many other countries that also host students such as South Africa, Mexico, India, Israel, South Korea, Argentina, Chile and many more. Such a wide variety of opportunities, cultures, languages, and life experiences await the student who wants to study abroad and they will see many benefits because of it. Those who study abroad find employment sooner and earn more than those who don’t study abroad.

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