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02 Feb Me? Life Insurance?

Let’s face reality, you’re not as young as you think and you’re not going to live forever. It is always best to have a plan for when the inevitable happens. Having life insurance protects your loved ones when you die by providing them financial security. Your reasons for purchasing life insurance will be different than your neighbor’s because they depend on your personal financial and family situations.

Unum has published “The Top 6 Reasons People Buy Life Insurance”.

  1. To cover burial and final expenses. (89%)
  2. Replace lost wages or income. (61%)
  3. Transfer wealth or leave an inheritance. (59%)
  4. Help pay off mortgage. (51%)
  5. Pay estate taxes or estate liquidity. (45%)
  6. Pay home expenses. (43%)

You may have additional reasons. Your son is in college, your daughter has unpaid medical bills, or your parents need extra care. Maybe your children now need childcare, or maybe, you want to leave your favorite charity a donation. Adding life insurance to your financial plan gives you peace of mind no matter what your situation may be. So, let’s face reality together. Request a quote.

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