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Do you have flood insurance? Do you know how to file a claim when disaster has struck? Be familiar with the steps necessary to file a flood insurance claim.
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Flood Waters

27 Jul Filing a Flood Insurance Claim

We have recently had quite a bit of rain. In the communities where the rivers have risen past flood level, they are hit with the probability of their house flooding. Hopefully, they have flood insurance. So that you are prepared if something like this happens to you, here is the process to filing your flood insurance claim.

  1. Call your insurance agent as soon as you can to report your loss.
  2. An adjuster will call within the first two days to schedule an appointment.
  3. The adjuster will visit you to take measurements, photos, and notes of the damage. They will give you a flood certification number and a local contact for any additional visits. A Proof of Loss will also be given to you based on the assessment of the loss. Have your insurance company information and policy number available as well as any photos, receipts, or contractor estimates. Adjusters are not able to approve or disapprove claims and will not be able to tell you if your claim will be approved.
  4. Review, sign, and send the Proof of Loss to your insurance company within 60 days of your loss.
  5. If you note additional damage after your claim is filed, you can file for an additional payment.
  6. Checks for payment by the insurance company will be made out to the mortgage holder.



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