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If your business has experienced flooding take this time to protect it with flood resistant products and proper insurance.
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25 Sep Keep Your Business Afloat

When you turn on the news lately you see so much damage from flooding. Floods are miserable to live through and difficult to rebuild from. Whether it’s a hurricane, broken pipes, or just plain rain, your business could be underwater in a flash. Is there any positive that could come out of such a disaster? Yes, think of this as a chance to fortify your business and property with flood-resistant products to protect it from any future damage that could occur.

Consider installing the following flood-resistant precautions,

  • Pumps and pump systems sit below the ground floor to remove water that enters from the ground.
  • Flood skirts are barriers erected around any potential inlet for water.
  • One-way valves are fitted to water pipes to prevent water backing up into your property.
  • Water-resistant sealants refer to a wide variety of sealants—you can use them all over your property.
  • Plastic fittings in kitchen or lavatory areas are more durable than reconstituted wood, which disintegrates in a flood.
  • Electrical sockets, fuse boxes and wiring should be raised at least 12 inches above the 100-year flood level in your area to prevent water damage.
  • High shelving is a convenient option for ensuring you have an area above floodwater to store valuable items.


No matter what you install, the ultimate preparation for a flood is proper insurance. Remember that your damaged stock and premises will not be the only setback you suffer from a flood—interruption to your business’ continuity can be fatal. Purchase a comprehensive policy that accounts for business interruption and is tailored to your specific industry and location. Taking risk-reduction measures may help cut down your premium or excess.

Contact The VanDyke Group, Inc. for more information about keeping your business afloat. Please share this article with someone who is experiencing damage from the current flooding and devastation.

Source; Zywave 2017

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