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If you want to help many of those suffering around the world consider donating your time by volunteering. What you should know before you volunteer.
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01 Nov Paying It Forward…

Our hearts break for all of those around the world that are suffering from the recent natural disasters. Many of those in our own country are still homeless or have lost everything due to hurricanes and wild fires. In other areas of the world people are suffering from severe drought, typhoons, and earthquakes.

You want to help, but how? Most all of the relief organizations say that monetary donations help the most, especially shortly after the disaster occurs. Then volunteers are needed to assist with clean up and the rebuilding process. Sometimes we are not sure which organizations are trustworthy and make the best use of our donations. Take time to do a bit of research for an organization that you feel is the best. Charity Navigator is one site that may be helpful.

If you have the time and desire to volunteer there are a few things to consider. Is this something you want to do as a group or individually? What are your gifts, skills, and talents? What are you passionate about? How much time can you give? Do you want to volunteer overseas or domestically? Which organization should you sign up with?

There are many different causes to consider when volunteering. Do you want to assist with disaster relief for example? Volunteers in this scenario will do things like sorting and delivering supplies to shelters, making and serving meals. Maybe you’d prefer working with medical assistance or rebuilding structures. Is education your strength? If so, you might consider teaching reading skills or even basic hygiene in third world countries. Other volunteer opportunities available worldwide are eliminating human trafficking, orphanage assistance, environmental issues, food and water distribution, and spreading the gospel.

After deciding how you would like to help, then you can research various organizations that offer volunteer opportunities such as; Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, or World Renew. Most reputable organizations provide training for their volunteers along with providing housing and security. It is important to apply for a volunteer position well in advance so the organization can match you with the best service opportunity for you. They will also need time to do background checks on all applicants.

If you have decided to volunteer internationally, either with a group or individually, please remember your current medical insurance does not cover you when you are abroad. International medical insurance is necessary to have and can be purchased for a group or individual for any length of time. It is reasonably priced and gives you a peace of mind while you assist others in need. The VanDyke Group can help you with travel insurance so you are free to help others.

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