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Christmas season can bring out the best and the worst in us. But it doesn't have to be that hard to bring joy to other people, and you just might feel some yourself.
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Christmas Joy

18 Dec Spreading Joy to the World

Christmas should be a happy season. As you’re out and about, take a look at the faces of those you come across. Are you seeing much joy? Do you feel joyful? They say the joy is in the giving. Spreading joy doesn’t have to be costly; it only needs to be heartfelt.

Start Small

  • Order two cups of coffee and give one to a stranger
  • Send a thoughtful card
  • Keep spare change ready for the bucket
  • Write a letter to an inmate
  • Hand out socks or gloves to the homeless


Build Relationships in your Community

  • Visit an elderly person in your neighborhood
  • Shovel your neighbor’s driveway
  • Have your neighbors over for coffee
  • Volunteer at your local hospital
  • Deliver meals to shut-ins
  • Invite someone to a Christmas service


Reach Out to the World

  • Pack meals to be distributed internationally (Feed My Starving Children,
  • Give money to an orphanage (Uganda Orphanage Relief Fund,
  • Support sustainable farming in another country by donating an animal (Heifer International,
  • Volunteer for a mission trip with your church or community (World Renew,
  • Donate your resources to one of these or a charity of your choice


There are so many ways to spread joy this season and throughout the year we couldn’t possibly name all of them. Find your own personal way to “Spread the Joy!

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