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Know the signs of employee burnout and how to prevent it in your company or organization.
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12 Jun Time to Address Employee Burnout

Companies and organizations across the country are dealing with a fairly new challenge in their work force, employee burnout. Employee burnout negatively affects not only the person but the company they work for. Companies experiencing employee burnout will tend to see decreased productivity, high turnover rate, low employee engagement, and negative health impact both physically and mentally. All of these are detrimental to the workplace and the bottom line.

There are a few signs to look for when someone is struggling with burnout. Chronic fatigue, poor performance, low motivation, and disengagement are the most common ones. Even the highest performers and most engaged employees can suffer from this and it may have a contagious effect on others.

This problem doesn’t begin with the employee; it begins with the company or organization. If there is a negative workplace culture coupled with poor management you have a recipe for burnout. So, it’s very important to be proactive in preventing this.

Here are 10 ways to prevent employee burnout.
1. Be very clear with new hires about the demands of the job.
2. Clearly communicate performance goals.
3. Have a fair distribution of job responsibilities.
4. Include employees in decision making relevant to their work.
5. Train managers on keeping employees engaged and motivated.
6. Get to know your staff and make them aware of their importance.
7. Encourage vacations or taking time off for themselves.
8. Recognize and reward people for their contributions.
9. Have the right tools available to do their work efficiently and effectively.
10. Focus on the wellbeing of the employee.


Tackling the problem of employee burnout requires an ongoing commitment from the leadership team of the company. Remember a company’s workforce is its number one resource. If the employees are happy and productive, everyone benefits.

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