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A few things you need to know if your teenager is now a driver.
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22 Oct A New Driver in the House

You’ve heard it been said a thousand times, “Enjoy every minute of their childhood, it goes by SO fast”. Well, now your baby is asking for the keys to your car and driving is a whole new experience for all of you. Getting a driver’s license now is much different than when you got yours just a few years ago.

Before your child can even get behind the wheel of your car, they must have started a driver’s education course, which include 30 hours of classroom. They will receive 6 hours of driving time with an instructor. When your child comes home with their permit it’s a good time to call your insurance carrier and let them know your teen driver’s permit number. Your child will be under your policy, but there will be no change in your rates.

In Illinois, once they receive their permit (or provisional license), they can drive under the following rules:
1. There is a curfew. They can drive between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., except on Friday and Saturday, which extends the driving time until 11 p.m.
2. They may drive with only 1 non-family member under the age of 20 for the first 12 months.
3. They may not get any convictions for the 6 months before receiving their full driver’s license (age 18) or they will need to continue driving with restrictions.
4. No cell phones while driving. No talking, no texting.

After they’ve logged 50 hours of driving time with you or another adult and they have turned 16, they will take the driving test. Once they have completed all of these requirements, you officially have a teen driver in the house.

Now what? They must be added to your auto insurance. While insuring your teen driver will change your rate, you CAN save money. Here are some ways to bring down your additional insurance cost:
1. If your child has a 3.0 academic average or better they can likely receive a driving discount, so encourage keeping up the GPA.
2. Also, adding them to an existing policy is usually less expensive than getting them their own policy.
3. Keep a clean driving record. This is perhaps the most important.

Once you’ve handed over the keys, you can be confident they are well prepared for this new adventure and just maybe, they’ll pick up the milk on the way home.

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