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What are you thankful for this year? Giving thanks is good for you. The VanDyke Group has gathered their thankful thoughts to share.
Thanksgiving, thankful thoughts
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20 Nov Give Thanks

Before the hustle and bustle of Christmas there’s another important holiday this week that we should never overlook. Thanksgiving. It is so good for the human spirit to take time to think about all we are thankful for each year. This year The VanDyke Group has gathered thankful thoughts from our employees and we’d like to share them with you. If you know our staff you can probably guess who contributed which thankful thought.

• Cool sheets when I crawl into bed at night.
• Vacations to somewhere warm in the winter.
• Belly laughs from my grandkids.
• The color orange.
• A good book and a soft throw blanket.
• I am thankful I was born in the best country on the planet. I didn’t say perfect, I said BEST.
• I am so thankful for people that actually know how to fix things in my house. I love them all.
• I am thankful when insurance carrier websites work how they are supposed to.
• I am thankful for my dad’s apple pie.
• I am thankful for my teenager’s hugs.
• I am thankful for the piano and my mom who taught me how to play.
• I’m thankful the Bears no longer make my Sunday afternoons miserable.
• I’m thankful my son loves Trinity Christian College, but also close enough to home to still eat my food, have his clothes washed, and nap in my chair.
• I’m thankful the Cubs didn’t win the World Series this year; I don’t want to get spoiled and become a miserable Yankees fan.
• Oh, I am thankful for Italian friends that invite me to their home for the feast and don’t insist I eat the turkey.
• I am thankful for the loved ones I had in the past who are not here to celebrate with me any longer. They made my life what it is today.
• I am thankful for the serious illnesses that have not darkened my door, good health is a blessing.
• I am thankful to be living in a time of enormous technological advances that allow me to enlarge my world and drive an electric car that is an adventure all its own. That same technology makes it    possible to work for the clients without carrying that huge rate book I was trained on in the 70’s.
• I’m thankful for Skype/video calling so we can see and talk to families who live away from us. It’s just like the scenes at Space Mountain- Tomorrow Land in Disney World!
• I’m thankful for medical professionals who we have seen way too much of this year.
• I’m thankful for my amazing wife and her Supermom powers.
• I’m thankful for three healthy, active children and another one on the way.
• I’m thankful for homemade meals, and donuts, and blueberry coffee.
• I’m thankful for this time of year when we are reminded of how much we are blessed.
• Thankful for another healthy grandchild born into our family last week, needed more excitement in our lives.
• Thankful for warm apple pies.
• Thankful for enjoying the changing of seasons in Chicago. Keeps us on our toes between the snow, rain and wind!
• I’m thankful for my children’s exuberance in little things.
• I’m thankful for seat warmers when fall weather turns into cold weather.
• I’m thankful for Chick-Fil-A peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes (for a limited time only, mind you!!!)
• I’m thankful for WhatsApp messenger, which allows my entire family to communicate and share easily across continents.
• I’m thankful for no water in my garbage can wheel, it was very annoying.
• I too am thankful for seat heaters in my car.
• Hot chocolate from Dunkin.
• I can wear a Bears t-shirt under my sweatshirt with confidence.
• Friends that send stupid political stuff that always generates a chuckle.
• And always, loving Wife, Family and grandkids.
• I’m thankful for the supportive work ‘family’ at The VanDyke Group.

Join us in giving Thanks!

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