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If you are leaving your "home alone" for the holidays make sure to take proper precautions to avoid unwanted visitors. Also prepare for safe travels.
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17 Dec Are You Leaving Your “Home Alone” for the Holidays?

Are you preparing to travel for the holidays? Whether you are planning to visit family, going somewhere warm, or heading to the slopes, here are some safety tips to help your travels go smoothly.

Before you leave your house, make arrangements for someone to shovel or plow your sidewalks and driveway. Also, visit the post office and have your mail stopped. If you are expecting a last minute delivery, have a neighbor or friend pick packages up from your porch. Putting a few lights on a timer is also advisable. If you have an alarm system make sure it’s on and working properly. You want your home to look as if you’re still there to avoid unwanted visitors. For those snowbirds that will be away for longer periods of time, read our blog for additional tips on preparing your home for your escape to warmer weather.

If you are traveling by car remember to check the road conditions and pack some water, snacks, and a blanket, just in case you get stranded. Charge your phone before leaving and allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the ride.

Maybe you will be flying to your destination this year? Before leaving for the airport check the status of your flight. Also, check the baggage regulations for both carry-on and checked bags. As you gather your luggage together make sure everyone has their proper identification and passport, if needed. The airports suggest you arrive two to three hours before your scheduled departure time. Allow extra time if you will be traveling with children. Pack dry snacks and activities to keep them occupied. Attaching a bright luggage tag makes your bag easily recognizable when picking up your luggage at baggage claim. It is also a good idea to give someone your flight information in case of emergencies.

Most importantly, before leaving your home alone for the holidays please double check to make certain all of your family members are with you!

Happy Holidays!

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