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Moving can be a real hassle with so many details to remember. If you can knock off the following eight tasks you’ll be able to move into your home stress free.
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29 Jul Make Moving Easier!

After months and months of searching, you finally found the perfect home and it’s almost time to move! Moving can be a real hassle with so many details to remember. If you can knock off the following eight tasks you’ll be able to move into your home stress free.

Change the locks. Safety should be your number one consideration. So get those locks changed before moving. You don’t want to be lying in bed wondering how many people have keys to your new home, do you?

Update your address. One dollar and fifteen minutes of your time is all it takes to get this task completed. Go to the USPS website and go to the “Change of Address” link. Here you will go through six simple steps and be asked for a payment of one dollar. Now you can get your mail at your new location. After accomplishing this you can update your address with your credit cards, utilities, contacts, etc.

Check for leaks. Ideally, your home inspector ensured that your house is leak-free. But with a simple double-check, you can give yourself peace of mind. When you’re moving in and not yet using any water, check your water meter. Wait two hours, making sure no one uses any water, and then check your meter again. It should read exactly the same. If it doesn’t, you have a plumbing leak. You may or may not choose to deal with it right away, but at least you’ll be aware of the current state of your pipes. Plus, it’s a lot easier to arrange two water-free hours during moving – when everyone in your family is out of their routine – than in the normal course of daily life.

Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Again, safety is your number one priority so please get this done before you spend a single night in your house.

Find your breaker box and shutoff valves. Hunting for your breaker box with only a flashlight isn’t fun, but all too many people find themselves in that situation because they didn’t take the time to locate it when they had the help of their home’s electricity. While you’re at it, locate your main water shutoff and gas shutoff valves before moving in. Again, it’s better to find them now than to be frantically looking for the valve as a burst pipe gushes water onto your floors.

Clean cabinets and closets. While the house is still empty, give everything a thorough cleaning. Now you’ll be comfortable putting your items where they belong.

Change the toilet seats. This simple task of swapping out the old seat for a new one will help you feel like the house is truly yours!

Update your homeowner insurance. Most likely you will need to have this done before closing on your home. Take time to make sure you document all of the possessions you place into the home as well with a home inventory list.

Once you’ve checked these simple tasks off of your list it will be easier to settle into your new home and enjoy the fun parts!


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