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By preparing your employees well for their trip abroad, you will increase their chances of success and your business reputation worldwide.
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14 Aug Is Business Taking You Around the World?

It’s been said that the world is a smaller place now. With the ease of international travel and an improving economy, many businesses have employees abroad on a regular basis. While this might be a great opportunity for the company, travel can be risky for the employee. Depending on the destination of the trip, the risks may include; unexpected illness, auto accident, acts of terrorism, flight cancellation, emergency evacuation, or lost or stolen travel documents. Some travel scenarios include:

You forgot your prescriptions, where can you fill these and what will the cost be?
You’re injured in an auto accident in London.
You’re in a remote area of China and need to be medically evacuated.

What can you do to provide some protection for your employees? Your company’s group health plan most likely does not provide the coverage your employees need when working abroad. Consider purchasing travel insurance. There are many plan options available tailored to the needs of the individual traveler. The benefits include: international medical care, trip interruption coverage, medical evacuation coverage, 24/7 travel assistance, multi-lingual assistance, and more. These types of services are invaluable when you are in the middle of a crisis.
In addition to travel insurance, it’s your company’s responsibility to prepare your workers for the many changes that are ahead of them while they are abroad. Education is an important part of international business travel. Make sure your employees are prepared in the following ways for their short- or long-term trip.

Buy travel insurance.
Know the culture and business etiquette as well as the climate.
Get paperwork together. (Visas, statements of service, work permits, etc.)
Know the currency and exchange rates before leaving and let your bank know of travel plans.
Learn about transportation systems.
Make sure any vaccinations are up to date.
Know where your consulate or embassy is located.
Decide what forms of communication will be used. You may need a global plan for your cell phone.
Know what type of attire to pack.

By preparing your employees well for their trip abroad, you will increase their chances of success and your business reputation worldwide.


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