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What's your favorite way to prepare a turkey?
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25 Nov Talking Turkey at the Office

With Thanksgiving only a few days away I was still unsure of how I want to prepare my turkey. Instead of going on Pinterest or Googling recipes, I decided to talk to my co-workers at The VanDyke Group. As expected, I got a variety of opinions on the best way to cook a turkey.

When I asked Matthew and Garrick how to cook a turkey they agreed the best method is to smoke it. This takes the most time but they feel it’s well worth the wait. One of the fellas stuffs his turkey, not with traditional stuffing, but with vegetables, butter, and seasoning, and he believes this adds to the flavor of the bird.

Jake prefers his turkey deep fried but told me this year he’s not cooking so it’s most likely going to be roasted in the oven. However, he is going to experiment with deep frying a goose he shot this morning. We’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.

Interestingly enough all of the women I asked in the office roast their turkey. One prepares hers stuffed in a Nesco roaster because this leaves her oven open for other dishes like sweet potatoes and extra stuffing. Two other ladies roast in the oven. One stuffs her bird and one prefers non-stuffed. Roasting the turkey on the gas grill was another option suggested. I liked this idea because not only does it leave room in the oven but cleanup is a breeze. Just throw the foil pan away.

Two lucky co-workers I asked never cook for Thanksgiving, they are always the guests. This sounds like a great idea!

The last question I asked everyone “Do any of you brine your turkey first?” No one had tried this but a couple of people are considering doing it this year. This method intrigues me. If anyone has a good brining recipe let me know.

So my decision has been made… I will be brining my turkey the day before then putting it outside on the grill. I hope it’s tasty!

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