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Individual Products

Integrity. Experience. Service.

At The VanDyke Group, we have many affordable options available for individuals or families for health, dental, disability, and life insurance. Whatever your circumstance, we will find the plans that provide the protection you need.

Health and Dental Insurance

Our staff will educate you on the various health and dental plans that are available for you as an individual or for your family. We will help you understand co-insurance, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses and the effect of raising or lowering your deductible. Another important aspect of choosing a plan is determining whether your doctors and hospitals are in- or out-of-network. Your account manager is well-informed on plan differences as well as changes in the health marketplace and will guide you through all of these variables. Request a quote.

Medicare Options

Medicare is the government’s health insurance for those age 65 and over or for those that meet specific eligibility requirements. There are a number of plans available from private insurance companies that can supplement Medicare and cut down on costs resulting from deductibles, co-insurance or prescription drugs. Some companies offer Medicare Advantage Plans that can also take the place of Medicare. There are numerous options available to fill in the coverage gaps of Medicare and our staff can assist in determining which are most beneficial to you. Request a quote.


What would happen to you or your family, if you were unable to work because of sickness or injury? With disability coverage, you would be able to keep your standard of living, pay for bills, food and clothing. It replaces a portion of your income until you can return to work. Disability insurance can help you provide financial security for when the unexpected happens. Request a quote.


Protect your family for the future. We can address the best way to safeguard your loved ones with a life insurance policy. Expenses like mortgages, medical bills, credit card debt, college tuition and funeral costs can become a burden for your family. Choosing the right life insurance now will be important after you are gone. Our dedicated life insurance personnel will explain the differences between term life insurance, permanent life insurance and the premiums, coverages, or tax advantages that are associated with each. Request a quote.

At The VanDyke Group, you decide what level of insurance your family needs. By protecting yourself and your family now with health, disability or life insurance, you will have the security of knowing things are taken care of no matter what situation comes along.

Request a Quote

We would love to hear about your insurance needs and give you a quote. Fill out your information and select your areas of interest so we know how to best help you.